Win Back One-On-One Coaching

Customer recovery twists and turns can derail your win back efforts in a flash . Jill’s one-on-one coaching will help you navigate these obstacles and successfully reclaim lost customer revenue.

Jill’s coaching process begins with a one-on-one, fact-finding drill down. Working together, you and Jill will dissect and analyze your firm’s customer loss landscape. From this learning, Jill works with you to create a very tactical action plan by which you’ll drive your win-back initiatives. With this roadmap as a guide, you and Jill will move on to weekly meetings or calls to review your actions and outcomes. Along the way, Jill will provide feedback, templates and tools to support your continued progress.

Bottom line, Jill’s win-back coaching process clarifies the action steps and provides the counsel, templates and tools you need to plan and implement a successful customer win-back campaign. Jill will guide you every step of the way!