Customer Winback: How to Recapture Lost Customers and Keep Them Loyal

…From the Foreword by Peppers and Rogers
Getting a customer to return can be accomplished in many different ways, using a variety of tactics and offers. However, what all successful win-back programs have in common is that they are proactive, strategically sound initiatives rather than occasional hit-and-run tactics. A win-back program may be based on promotional offers or it could be based on service-oriented customer coddling, but all successful programs are deliberate. They are measurable. And they are well thought out. Thinking carefully about how to win customers back is what this book is all about.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers
Partners, Peppers and Rogers Group


From the Back Cover

High-value customers are the lifeblood of any business – so what can a company do when they lose them? Customer WinBack shows you how to identify at-risk customers, win back those who have left, and change how business is done to prevent future customer loss. This pragmatic guide is brimming with savvy methods and detailed case studies that show you in real-world detail how to turn lost customers into gold.

“Winning back lost customers is the marketing equivalent of finding hidden treasure. Griffin and Lowenstein provide an excellent treasure map.”

Dr. Leonard Berry, Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Texas A&M University and author of Discovering the Soul of Service

“Customer WinBack deals with one of the most overlooked dimensions of managing customer loyalty – earning it back. I’ve personally seen the power a focused win-back effort can achieve, and business leaders would be well-advised to follow Griffin and Lowenstein’s formulas to regain lost revenue.”

Jeanne Lombardo, General Manager, Worldwide Satisfaction and Loyalty, Microsoft Corporation

“Griffin and Lowenstein know that in order to win back lost customers you must know why they left. Customer WinBack provides sound examples that illustrate ways to recapture lost customers that can be applied to any business.”

Stephen P. Campbell, Director of Franchise Marketing, Sprint

Table of Contents

Part One: How to win Back Lost Customers
1. Why customer win-Back Is Critical to Your Success
2. Managing the Big Three: Acquisition, Retention, and Win-Back
3. Winning Back a Lost Customer
4. How to Save a Customer on the Brink of Defection
5. Mobilizing and Managing a Win-Back Team

Part Two: Making Your Company Defection Proof
6. When You Think Your Customer Is Safe from Defection
7. Building a Customer Information System That Drives Loyalty
8. Targeting Prospects with Strong Loyalty Potential
9. Leveraging the Power of Customer-Focused Teams
10. How to Build a Fiercely Loyal Staff

Appendix A: The Customer Loyalty Compass: A Proven Process for Finding Customer Value

Appendix B: Estimation of Second Lifetime Value (SLTV) Investment and Profitability