About the Win-back Frontier

These boots are made for walkin….

When Willie enters the Win-back Frontier he becomes our superhero. Why? Because he is willing to tread where few men and women have gone… into the unexplored and untapped Land of Win Back. It’s a new frontier where there’s lot of opportunity for return on investment. But like any new frontier, the challenges are many. That’s why Willie often feels like a reluctant win-back warrior.

Remember the old Nancy Sinatra song “These boots are made for walking”. Well, Willie has equipped himself with a gen-u-ine (that’s southern-speak for ‘real’) pair of cowboy boots for that very purpose: to start walking toward win-back. And that’s a good thing. One of the key problems with win-back is that folks are reluctant to even take the first step toward winning back a lost customer. And Willie is no exception. In Adventure #1, we’ll take a closer look at Willie and one of the reasons for his win-back reluctance.

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