Use Worth-It Watch Weapons To Stay Several Moves Ahead of the Competition

Volume 4. You’ll learn:

» Why your customer’s worth it definition is in constant flux

» The meaning of ‘worth-it migration’ and how it affects your brand’s future

» Three key value areas you must monitor

» Your customer’s minimum performance standards for your brand and what it nets you

» Performance standards required to keep you ahead of the competition

» Practical tools for forecasting the shifts in your customer’s performance standards

» Tools for translating a new customer preference into a “worth-it’ selling proposition for your brand

See other tools:

Spot Those Customers and Prospects Truly Worth Taming

Breed Customer Trust Where It Counts Most

Make Your Brand Compellingly Different So Customers Beat a Path to Your Door

Grow Gung-Ho Employees That Stick

Earn Big Word-of-Mouth in all Nine Market Spaces

Find Talented Tamers To Mentor You