Unleash Your Brand’s Worth-It Power at Every Stage in the Customer Purchase Cycle

Volume 3. You’ll learn:

» The five customer experience stages you must manage to keep customers returning

» The powerful template that simplifies your planning process and jump-starts implementation

» Your customer’s 25 worth-it perception “windows” through which your brand is scrutinized

» Simple ways to mobilize staffers so all of the 25 windows are well managed

» 11 practical tools to boost your brand’s “worth it” perceptions with customers

» “Make it happen” Templates, tools, guidelines to help leverage each of the five purchase stages

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Spot Those Customers and Prospects Truly Worth Taming

Breed Customer Trust Where It Counts Most

Make Your Brand Compellingly Different So Customers Beat a Path to Your Door

Grow Gung-Ho Employees That Stick

Earn Big Word-of-Mouth in all Nine Market Spaces

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