Build the Worth-it Proposition That Sells Your Brand At Higher Prices Than Your Competition

Volume 2. You’ll learn:

» The six time-tested steps for building a bankable selling proposition

» The factor you must identify correctly, from the start, or else!

» The critical context by which your brand gets scrutinized and how to position for it

» Two costly mistakes most firms make when presenting their brands to buyers

» 7 “Survival-of-the-Fittest” hurdles your selling proposition must cross

» Why you need a team to build your proposition and the proven steps to recruit one

» “Make it happen” template for revealing your strongest selling proposition

» Ways to leverage the ‘fresh set of eyes’ of customers and co-workers to further refine the selling proposition

» Ways to rally your firm’s opinion leaders around the fledging, new selling proposition

» Why you worth it selling proposition needs business case support and how to use word equations to get you there

» Case studies to help you jump-start the word equation development process

» Why it’s critical to substantiate your worth-it proposition claims with market performance

» How to get your customers onboard to substantiate your brand’s results

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