Volume Four: Use Worth-It Watch Weapons to Stay Several Moves Ahead of the Competition

For businesses in B2B markets

To win loyalty in today’s Googlized marketplace, you must anticipate your customer’s needs and get there early. Volume Four lays out the simple five-step “think ahead” process for uncovering your customers’ value migration shifts and how to put those insights to work to constantly enhance your brand’s worth-it selling proposition. (Table of Contents Preview)

Volume 4. You’ll learn:

» Why your customer’s worth it definition is in constant flux

» The meaning of ‘worth-it migration’ and how it affects your brand’s future

» Three key value areas you must monitor

» Your customer’s minimum performance standards for your brand and what it nets you

» Performance standards required to keep you ahead of the competition

» Practical tools for forecasting the shifts in your customer’s performance standards

» Tools for translating a new customer preference into a “worth-it’ selling proposition for your brand

This Volume is not available for individual sale.

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