Volume Two: Build the Worth-It Proposition That Sells Your Brand At Prices Higher Than Your Competition

For businesses in B2B markets

There are six steps to building a killer worth it proposition. Each chapter in this volume examines one of the steps along with fool–proof blueprints and action items for completing it. Jill’s painstakingly-designed charts, exercises, checklists and queries gets the job done right! You’ll feel like Jill is looking over your shoulder, guiding you every step of the way. (Table of Contents Preview)

Volume 2. You’ll learn:

» The six time-tested steps for building a bankable selling proposition

» The factor you must identify correctly, from the start, or else!

» The critical context by which your brand gets scrutinized and how to position for it

» Two costly mistakes most firms make when presenting their brands to buyers

» 7 “Survival-of-the-Fittest” hurdles your selling proposition must cross

» Why you need a team to build your proposition and the proven steps to recruit one

» “Make it happen” template for revealing your strongest selling proposition

» Ways to leverage the ‘fresh set of eyes’ of customers and co-workers to further refine the selling proposition

» Ways to rally your firm’s opinion leaders around the fledging, new selling proposition

» Why you worth it selling proposition needs business case support and how to use word equations to get you there

» Case studies to help you jump-start the word equation development process

» Why it’s critical to substantiate your worth-it proposition claims with market performance

» How to get your customers onboard to substantiate your brand’s results

Price: $900
Includes 1 hour of personal coaching with Jill

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