Volume One: Get Your Brand Worth-It Ready

For businesses in B2B markets

To win customers, your brand requires a “killer” worth-it proposition that trumps your buyers’ next best buying alternative. Volume One examines what a worth it selling proposition is, the ‘big hurdle’ questions your brand’s proposition must address, and your current proposition’s gaps and grey areas. (Table of Contents Preview)

Volume 1. You’ll discover:

» The “Worth-It Test/Worth-It Proposition” connection and why your brand’s success depends on it.

» 5 important “Worth-It Test” questions on the minds of every B2B buyer.

» 3 proven queries to guide you through the development maze.

» Why B2B customer and co-worker input is vital and easy ways to get it.

» How to expose the information gaps and grey areas surrounding your brand’s current Worth-it Proposition.

» Why co-workers resist Worth-it propositions and how to convincingly make your case.

» Simple steps for forming co-worker coalitions that drive worth-it proposition success.

» 3 effectiveness levels of a worth-it selling proposition, what distinguishes each, and how to earn your way to Level Three.

This volume not available for individual sale

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