Taming the Search-And-Switch Customer

“Compulsion-to-compare” is a rampant, new customer behavior that, if ignored, will make a serious dent in your company’s bottom line. Google and other search technologies have created an unprecedented state of “customer informedness” by which your buyers can instantly compare alternatives and defect in a flash! Drawing from her ground-breaking book by the same name, Jill Griffin addresses these tough, complex realities with proven solutions every B2B and B2C firm, large and small, can harness. You will learn:

  • The Customer Worth-it Test™: Do your customers consider your brand more “worth it” than you competitors? This simple test will tell you.
  • Customer Switch-O-Meter™: Keeping search-prone customers cool, calm and “tamed” is mandatory. Learn the five attitude-temperature drivers to master.
  • Nine Space Rule of Brand Building: The first-of-its-kind concept that captures the critical perception-making market spaces that must be managed in today’s transparent world.
  • Effective ways to make and keep your brand compellingly different in a commodity-infested marketplace.
  • A proven blueprint for building trust at each of six customer stages.
  • A proven, three-stage life-cycle strategy to attract, retain and leverage passionate-to-serve employees that your best customers return for
  • “Tamers That Teach” Cases: Strategy-rich case studies showcasing critical skill sets to effectively tame today’s search-prone customers.
  • Ten Day Starter Plan: Step-by-step instructions for launching your fim’s “Taming” initiatives.

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