Tame the Search-and-Switch Customer Complete Tool Kit

“Ace the Customer Worth-It Test” Instruction System

Unit #1: Start With the Basics: Make Your Brand “Worth-It” and Ready to Compete Learn More

Unit #2: Build a Worth-It Proposition That Sells Your Brand At Prices Higher Than Your Competition Learn More

Unit #3: Ace Your Buyer’s Worth-It Test At All Five Stages in the Purchase Cycle Learn More

Unit #4: Use Worth-it Watch Weapons to Stay Ahead of the Competition Learn More

Plus, 6 More Skill-building Programs

Spot Those Customers and Prospects Truly Worth Taming

Breed Customer Trust Where It Counts Most

Make Your Brand Compellingly Different So Customers Beat a Path to Your Door

Grow Gung-Ho Employees That Stick

Earn Big Word-of-Mouth in all Nine Market Spaces

Find Talented Tamers To Mentor You

Get the Whole Enchilada!

Price: $3000
Includes 3 one-hour personal coaching sessions with Jilll
and 4 “pit stop” consults with Jill

Learn From Jill

“Thanks for your enlightening and relevant presentation… feedback was very positive. You have “practiced what you preached” and have another satisfied customer.”

Andy Ayoob, Director, Service Operations Siemens Power Generation, Inc.