Remind Your Customers How You Add Value

My husband, Mack, is one of my best customer loyalty teachers.

A few days after I returned from a two week business trip, Mack and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood. Seemingly out of the blue, Mack surprised me by saying, “I fixed three things around the house while you were gone, that you’d been complaining about. But you haven’t mentioned one of them since you’ve been home.” With a tiny grin he continued , “You’ve got 24 hours to recognize them or I’m going to turn into an unhappy camper.” I love my husband very much, and of course, as soon as we returned home from our walk I made it my business to identify his good deeds and praise him for them.

In his own way, Mack was shrewdly applying an often overlooked loyalty principle: Routinely reinforce your value in your customer’s eyes. Good service is not enough. It counts only when your customers recognize it.

The practice of this principle is what prompts the American Airlines pilot to announce, “Welcome to Austin and our on-time arrival,” and my Office Depot receipt for desk supplies to read “You saved $7.46” and Westin Hotel’s “Do Not Disturb” door hanger to read “I cannot come to the door now. I’m still in heaven,” referencing the comfort of Westin’s signature Heavenly Bed™.

Bottomline: Reinforce your value in the eyes of your customers. Doing so helps keep customer relationships (and marriages) strong.

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