Must-Read New Books

Two of my favorite colleagues have recently released must-read new books!

Selling guru Jill Konrath’s new book, Snap Selling, address head-on solutions for capturing the attention of today’s “crazy-busy” (Jill’s words) prospects. Download a samplechapters and other free resources at Jill’s spunky site:

Customer Experience Expert Lior Arussy has a new book entitled, Customer Experience Strategy. The chapter “Different Experiences for Different Customers,” alone, is worth the price of the book!

Lior’s describes a segment of “inherently unhappy customers” which represented only 5% of the customer base but occupied 45% of the service department’s time. Can you get that granular in your customer segmentation? Lior’s book is a great start.  Learn more at

Want to stay ahead of the competition?  Read.  It’s your opportunity to get into the best minds in the business.

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