Create Million-Dollar Word of Mouth

For both businesses and individuals

Word of mouth is, hands down, your most powerful selling tool. Jill’s unique Nine Space system enables you to tap priceless word-of-mouth in every corner of your marketplace. (Table of Contents Preview)

This system is brimming with tools to:
» Manage your brand across the unfolding array of word-of-mouth makers, online and off

» Identify the nine market spaces that feed your brand’s word of mouth and how make the most of them

» Use a simple process to monitor and gauge your brand’s (and your competitors!) buzz

» Set priorities for your brand’s word-of-mouth makeover

» Spot fresh, new perception-making opportunities

» Use “Make it Happen” templates, tools and tips to jump-start implementation

Price: $500
Includes 1 hour of personal coaching with Jill

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