Turning Call Center Agents Into Loyalty Makers

Call center agents are your customer loyalty makers of the future. Why? Because, for many companies, the front line has moved from the store to the customer contact center where agents interact with customers. Converged call centers that bring together multi-channel access points are here to stay. And with the increasingly sophisticated communications channels for customers—including Web collaboration, Web callback, email, live voice chat, and co-browsing—the skill level required of call center agents is rising sharply. This program examines the key success factors every manager must know to turn call center agents into “loyalty makers” who retain existing customers, cross-sell new services and help increase the company’s overall share of a customer’s budget. You will learn:

  • Customer loyalty: Why and how an agent drives it
  • The #1 Law of Customer Loyalty and how to put it to work in your call center
  • Case Study: A call center leader’s ‘congruency’ lesson on making loyalty happen
  • Why fielding phone calls isn’t enough—5 critical agent skills you can’t ignore
  • Morale land mines inside your call center—4 things to watch
  • The most important factor that influences every agent’s loyalty maker performance and how to manage it

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