Inside the Loyalty Laboratory: Building Customer Relationships that Last

For most firms, multi-channel dysfunction, data silos, neglected customer touch points, and disengaged employees are robbing your customer initiatives of critical momentum. This session examines the best practices of firms that have transformed their organizations into living “loyalty laboratories.” This lab-like orientation enables these firms to harness their customer complexities, execute seamless company-wide customer strategies and grow loyal customers and employees in the process. You will learn:

  • How to ‘grow’ your firm into a loyalty laboratory–the 4 stages of transformation
  • Loyalty laboratory secrets for maximizing prospects, first time customers, repeat customers, clients and advocates
  • Continental Airline’s amazing loyalty laboratory journey and the powerful lessons learned along the way
  • What the laboratory mindset taught Starbucks about boosting buyer frequency and spend
  • How an office supply giant use its loyalty research to convert new customers into “best customers” in record time

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