Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It

Jill Griffin’s Customer Loyalty Book (Second Edition) Named to Harvard “Working Knowledge” List:
“In this revised edition, author Jill Griffin gives practical advice on garnering loyalty from customers. She explains that oftentimes “more thought and preparation goes into how to get the telephone to ring (strategy), than what to do once it rings (execution and implementation).” Chapters are based on key points, including turning first-time buyers into repeat customers, preventing customer loss, and recovering from customer loss. Each chapter offers steps to follow, a succinct summary of main points, and ready-to-use tools for getting started. Customer Loyalty is a comprehensive resource for businesspeople who are looking to improve customer service and satisfaction.”


Additional Praise for Customer Loyalty

“Griffin deftly examines pricing, value, customers’ purchasing cycles, positioning and targeting to create repeat purchasers… Readers will profit from the arsenal of tools Griffin provides.”

Publishers Weekly

“Business has only two jobs: (1) getting new customers and (2) keeping the old ones, and sometimes winning them back. Let the brilliance of my friend Jill’s book help you to maximize, optimize and fully realize your opportunities here.”

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, #1 New York Times best-seller

“Ms. Griffin deals with a complex subject and comes to a logical conclusion: Loyalty begins and continues with continually satisfied customers.”

J.D. Power, III, J.D. Power and Associates

“Customers become loyal advocates to a business one purchase experience at a time. Customer Loyalty clearly outlines the seven steps of a customer affinity and shows how companies can embrace these strategies to build a loyal clientele. These strategies work for any product or service and for any company large or small.”

Beth Summers, vice president, executive and organization development, Dell Corporation

“Jill Griffin has shown great vision in proving that retaining old customers is at least as important as building a new customer base. Customer Loyalty lays out a winning strategy for all sales and marketing professionals whose future depends on building a steady clientele.”

Dr. George Kozmetsky, cofounder, TeleDyne Corporation, and former dean of the Graduate School of Business, University of Texas, Austin

“Sales people will find Griffin’s book interesting, practical, and profitable.”

American Marketing Association

“Customer Loyalty offers hundreds of examples to show how to turn customers into advocates for your business. More importantly, Jill Griffin offers detailed advice on how to create a loyalty-driven culture as a fundamental part of your business strategy.”

Michael L. Powell, executive vice president, Revlon Professional Products, North America

“Learn the finer points of cultivating (and keeping) loyal customers from Harley-Davidson and other companies with devoted clients.”

Money Book Club

“Studies show that customer satisfaction does not equate with continued sales–it is the loyal customer who resists the competitor’s tempting offers. This pragmatic guide outlines a savvy, seven-step process for turning prospects into customers and customers into loyal advocates.”

Ingram Book Company