July 4th on the 2nd!

On last Sunday’s 60 Minutes, historian David McCullough shared the fact July 2nd was the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.
In the spirit of “historical correctness,” you’re getting my July 4th greeting today!

I’m so grateful to live in America. I didn’t do anything to earn my citizenship. I simply had the deep fortune to be born in this great country.

As you know, when our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they literally put their lives on the line to birth this country and give us
the amazing freedoms we exercise every day. One of my favorite quotes is from John Hancock, who signed his name large and said, “There, I guess King
George will be able to read that without his spectacles!”

This week, as you celebrate the 4th, please know I count my blessings for your friendship and the privilege to live alongside you in this amazing country!

God Bless America!


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