Jill as Provost? You betcha!

A little history (with some attitude!)

Jill has served on the marketing faculty at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. (Hey, if you are a former student—with a cushy outsourcing budget, call Jill NOW! She’d love to hear from you.)

Jill’s loyalty books have been adopted as learning texts by University of Texas, Northwestern and other universities. (Her high school writing teacher, Myrtle Kiker, is still wondering how that happened!)

In the late 70’s, the University of South Carolina gave Jill money to get her MBA. (They also let her run the Gamecock Newspaper Advertising Department for food.) Then, in 2003, the University made Jill a Distinguished Alumna. Now it’s “quid pro quo” time. USC Moore School of Business has appointed Jill to its Board of Trustees. So don’t be surprised when she hits you up for a contribution for the next fund-raiser. Better yet, just send your check now!

Jill’s most proud of her credentials from the College of Hard Knocks. Before launching Griffin Group, Jill served as a Fortune 50 Brand Manager, led a national sales force and introduced a hotel brand nationwide. She knows first-hand what customer management success (and failure) look like, and how to learn from both.

Today, as corporate loyalty advisor, Jill works closely with B2B and B2C firms deep inside their call centers, conference rooms and customer sites. Clients served include Dell, Microsoft, Toyota, Subaru, Marriott Hotels, Hewlett Packard, Cendant, IBM, AMD, Wells Fargo, Western Union and Sprint.