Hire Jill

As your personal coach

Jill can help you:

  • Up sell under-sold clients
  • Shore up at-risk accounts your firm can’t afford to lose
  • Create “audacious” advocacy
  • Motivate reluctant prospects off the fence
  • Win back lost accounts
  • Keep your customers from waging price wars with you and your firm

Or perhaps you are seeking fresh, objective help to boost your personal brand. Jill can help you:

  • Win colleague and upper management support for your projects
  • Shrewdly showcase you worth and get credit for your contributions
  • Pinpoint metrics that can get you a raise at your next performance review
  • Secure the budgets and head count you seek
  • Turn your firm’s CFO into a strong ally
  • Improve your standing as a customer thought-leader in your firm
  • And much more!

Your personal coach is ready to help!

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