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Turning suspects into Qualified Prospects

Who to target
 Uncovering your “natural” target market
 Targeting loyalty-prone customers
 Steps to effective targeting

Other skills to target

How to Effectively Position Your Products and Services
 Building a Worth-It Proposition That Sells Your Brand At Prices Higher Than Your Competition
 Exposing the information gaps and grey areas surrounding your brand’s current positioning

Other positioning skills

Identifying High-Potential Prospects
 How tos for contacting the suspect
 What to do when the suspect contacts you
 How to qualify a suspect

Other potential-prospect skills

2. Turning qualified prospects into First Time Buyers

 Getting prospective buyers to trust you
 Becoming a great listener
 Identify your customer’s buying cycle
 Uncovering your prospect’s hidden needs
 Planning your return call before the first call
 Ending every sales call for maximum effect
 Learning from your lost sale

Other prospect to buyer skills

3. Turning First-Time Buyers into Repeat Customers

 Nurturing the trust of first-time buyers
 Acing Your Buyer’s Worth-It Test At Each Stage of the Repeat Purchase Cycle
 Uncovering the reasons first-time buyers do not return and removing these obstacles
 Using your customer’s order management process to deliver a ‘wow’ customer experience
 Proven tools that encourage first time customers to return

Other making buyers repeat customers skills

4. Turning Repeat Customers into Loyal Clients

 Identifying your best customers and what makes them buy
 Improving every account’s “loyalty condition” and ROI
 Insulating your best customers from competitive poaching
 Making top spenders a big priority
 Building reward programs that deliver
 Establishing barriers to exit around your customers

Other making customers loyal clients skills

5. Turning Loyal Clients into Advocates

 Factors that feed your brand’s Word of Mouth and how make the most of them
 Monitoring and gauging your brand’s (and your competitors) word-of-mouth
 Making the Best of “Bad” word-of-mouth
 Effective ways to prioritize your brand’s Word-of-mouth improvements
 Spotting fresh, new word-of-mouth building opportunities for your brand Ways to stay on top of today’s unfolding array of online and offline brand perception makers

Other turning clients into advocates skills

6. Customer Loss: How to Prevent It And What to do When It Strikes

 Spotting disloyalty triggers in your customer experience delivery and removing them
 Turning customer complaints into loyalty builders
 Knowing the signs that a customer is about to leave
 Learning loads from lost customers
 Proven steps for winning back a lost customer

Other preventing customer loss skills

7. How to Develop a Loyalty-Driven Culture

 Loyalty metrics —what to measure and why
 Crafting a loyalty plan that maximizes every customer’s ROI
 Leveraging the employees Moments-of-Truth to nurture Passion-to-serve employees
 Uncovering your employees’ lifecycle stages and the milestones that matter most at every stage
 Equipping your managers with skills that nurture employees’ passion to serve
 Using the Laws of Loyalty to Invigorate your company

Other loyalty culture skills

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