The Dorchester, The Picture, and Lew

There I am… along with a few other lucky folks getting a rare, behind-the-scenes tour of the famous Dorchester Hotel in London. (I’m in town to present at the European Conference on Customer Management and my fellow speaker and a long-time Dorchester advisor, Christopher Daffy, graciously arranged this amazing opportunity. Thanks Chris! ) While in London, I’m staying at the conference hotel – the Royal Lancaster, a few blocks away – but one of my pals on the hotel tour, customer experience expert and author, Lew Carbone, is a guest at the Dorchester.

Our guide has just toured us through the Dorchester’s impressive culinary facilities including the staff dining area. As Lew and I leave this area, a staff message board catches my eye. “Lew,” I call out with amazement, “There’s your picture and bio!” Lew stops dead in his tracks, stares wide-eyed at the message board and with a big, knowing smile, replies, “So that’s why all the staff here seem to know me!”

Loyalty Lesson: What untapped tools can help your staff deliver exceptional customer experiences? What readily available customer information, shared with front-liners, can mean the difference? Make this a brainstorm topic at your next staff meeting. And get ready for some ‘ah-ha’ ideas to surface!

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