Make Your Brand Compellingly Different

for businesses

A “me-too” product is the kiss of death in today digitalized, global marketplace. This tool kit shows you a simple, proven planning process to drive differentiation through the eight elements of your brand’s business design. What’s more, you’ll learn the best practices of world-class innovators and simple steps for making these practices pay off for your firm. (Table of Contents Preview)

You’ll discover:

» Assessment tools to make your brand different

» Assessment tools to keep your brand different

» 8 business design elements that make your brand stand out from the competition and how to use each to boost your brand’s “stand-out” power

» 17 “i-Factors” (Innovation factors) ……the more of them you hit, the better your firm’s ability to innovate…..use this assessment tool to launch improvement steps in your firm

» Lessons from world-class brands on maximizing business design elements

» Implementation tool that put best practices to work in your firm

Price: $300
Includes 1 hour of personal coaching with Jill

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