Escaping The Commodity Trap: Earning Customer Loyalty in a Low-Bid World

A big threat to your firm’s success is commoditization—the process through which your product or service becomes so common place that differentiation becomes difficult and lowest price rules. No firm is safe. Why? Because today’s Internet access gives your buyers unprecedented access to real-time information about pricing and specs from all your competitors. And without a compelling competitive difference, your buyers gravitate to lowest price. The consequence? Your profits suffer, your customers roam and your employees are disheartened. This program shows you how to beat the commodity trap. You’ll learn:

  • Why buyers naturally default to lowest price and what to do about it
  • The three mistakes most firms make about pricing and how to avoid them
  • How to pinpoint what your buyers want most and stand ready to pay for
  • Commodity Busters—how to spot those “hidden differentiators” that will brand your worth in your customer’s eyes
  • Proven ways to rethink your products and services to command a higher price (hint: you must think beyond features and benefits)
  • Case studies of “higher-priced” commodity sellers who consistently triumph over “low price” competitors

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