College of Search-and-Switch Management Skill Finders Guide

Recognize the new search-and-switch customer realities

Download the skills finder guide here (pdf)

1. Prepare to Compete in a Compulsion-to-Compare World

 Knowing the 5 important “Worth-It Test” questions on the minds of every buyer
 Recognizing the “Worth-It Test/Worth-It Proposition” connection and why your brand’s success depends on it
 Harnessing 3 proven queries that guide your selling proposition development
 Understanding co-worker resistance to brand proposition work and how to win your case
 Simple steps for forming co-worker coalitions that drive worth-it proposition work

Other skills to target

2. Build a Worth-It Proposition That Sells Your Brand At Prices Higher Than Your Competition

 Mastering the three effectiveness levels of a ‘worth-it” selling proposition and how to earn your way to Level Three
 Exposing the information gaps and grey areas diluting your brand’s current selling proposition
 Crossing the 7 “Survival-of-the-Fittest” hurdles to ferret out your selling proposition
 Avoiding the costly mistakes B2B firms make when offering their brands to buyers
 Recruiting a co-worker team to build your brand’s selling proposition
 Rallying your firm’s opinion leaders around your brand’s fledging selling proposition
 Developing a persuadable business case for your brand’s selling proposition
 Getting customers onboard to substantiate your brand’s results - identifying and communicating the ‘gets’ and ‘gives’ to land their cooperation
 Keeping your proposition fresh and different to stay ahead of competition

Other Worth-It Proposition skills

3. Ace Your Buyer’s Worth-It Test At Every Stage in the Purchase Cycle

 Getting “yes” from decision makers, buyers, users, influencers and gatekeepers
 Understanding your buyers as scorecard holders who rate your brand
 Knowing each scorecard holder’s definition of “Worth it”
 Identifying your brand’s various benefits—“hard currency”, “prospector”, “peace-of-mind”, “extra-mile”, “community”
 Ensuring scorecard holders experience your benefits
 Knowing your customer’s next best buying alternative and keeping that competitor close
 Matching your price to your worth and other proven tactics to deliver value

Other Worth-It Test skills

4. Spot Those Customers and Prospects Truly Worth Taming

 Identifying your highest value customers
 Uncovering each customer’s “loyalty condition” and boosting it

Other customer spotting skills

5. Breed Customer Trust Where It Counts Most

 Crafting your firm’s trust building plan
 Planting trust triggers in your customer experience design
 Pinpointing and removing distrust triggers from your customer experience delivery
 Showcasing your brand’s worth
 Rooting out and addressing buying fears
 Employing customer ratings as trust builders

Other customer trust skills

6. Keep Your Brand Compellingly Different So Customers Beat a Path to Your Door

 Keeping your brand from being perceived as me too
 Minimizing the effect of the 'compromise penalty' when buyers scrutinize your brand
 Focusing on un-served and under-served buyers
 Building brand strategy around solutions to timeless customer wants and needs
 Crafting a new business model rather than tweaking your old one
 Learning from the market, not just your customers
 Applying “i-Factors” (Innovation factors) to super-charge your brand’s differences

Other defection proofing skills

7. Grow Gung-Ho Employees Ready to Serve

 Recognizing the 'gung-ho employee - gung-ho customer' connection
 Leveraging the employees moments-of-truth to nurture employee’s passion-to-serve
 Dissecting your employees’ lifecycle stages and the milestones that matter most at every stage
 Creating employee experiences that trigger 'delight' and eliminate 'pain'
 Equipping managers with skills that nurture an employee’s passion to serve
 Measuring the right things

Other employee development skills

8. Earn Big Word-of-Mouth Both Online and Off

 Choreographing ‘worth it’ customer experiences that drive word-of-mouth
 Tapping into the word-of-mouth potential in every customer relationship
 Investing in your web property for word-of-mouth payoff
 Managing search engine results'
 Leveraging the power of online ratings and reviews
 Knowing what ignites customer rant and customer rave and designing customer experiences accordingly
 Harnessing the power of online customer communities
 Building your own social network
 Managing the unfolding array of online and offline word-of-mouth makers
 Recognizing the Nine market spaces that feed your brand’s Word of Mouth and how make the most of them
 Monitoring and gauging your brand’s (and your competitors!)perceptions across the Nine Spaces
 Prioritizing your brand’s Nine Space improvements
 Spotting fresh, new perception-making opportunities for your brand across the Nine Spaces

Other Word-of-Mouth skills

9. Find Talented Search-and-Switch Tamers To Mentor You

 Recognizing skill sets that help tame search-and-switch prone customers
 Identifying those 'taming' competencies you most need help with
 Knowing Where to look for mentors
 Conducting the information interviews - what questions to ask that will teach you the most
 Framing you listening and note taking in mentor sessions for maximum benefit AFTER the session

Other mentor finding skills

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