College of Customer Winback


Want to win back lost customers? We’ve got you covered!

We’ll design a learning menu just for you. Using our proprietary Skills Finder guide, we’ll help you pinpoint your customer win back learning priorities. Next, you’ll specify your time frame, your budget and “Presto!” – we’ll tailor a training curriculum just for you. Training options may include:

  • Full run of exclusive password-protected website with tailored course content
  • Exercises and learning projects designed around your current job responsibilities
  • Training tailored to your specific customer and account challenges
  • Instructor led tele-discussions with peer learners
  • One-on-one coaching


Your firm’s win back learning needs are unique. Your firm deserves a learning system that:

– addresses your firm’s particular win back issues
– is custom tailored to your org chart
– places high priority on skill sets that deliver immediate ROI.

Whether it’s training your sales team, first-line managers, customer service reps, executive team, or some combination, we’ll work closely with your firm to design a win back training curriculum that equips your firm with the necessary skills to win back lost customers. Training options may include:

  • Custom Portals with tailored course content
  • Instructor-led, onsite training
  • Exercises and learning projects designed around the firm’s particular win back issues
  • Training tailored to your specific lost (and/or at-risk) customers and accounts
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Team coaching


Customer win back success begins in the boardroom. Jill serves as corporate director on numerous boards, both public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit. She knows first-hand the importance of getting customer win-back oversight on the board’s radar screen.

Customer win back board training is completely customizable to suit individual needs and administered at a time and place convenient for board members.

Customer win back is an often overlooked profit recovery strategy in many firms for one key reason: losing a customer is ‘bad news’ and unraveling the whole “sordid” situation can be a thankless, and down-right dangerous job. It can cost you internal allies and get you attacked (think: ‘shoot the messenger’ dilemma). Everyone wants to run from the blame. A board can play a critical role in moving the corporation away from this dynamic.