College of Customer WinBack Skill Finders Guide

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1. Recognizing the substantive benefits of customer win back

 Understanding the real reasons why your firm lacks a win back system
 Quantifying the rewards of win back both short term and long term
 Building a business case that substantiates the practicality of win back investment

Other skills to target

2. Managing the Big Three: Win Back, Retention, Acquisition

 Using the interconnectivity of win back, retention and acquisition to strengthen all three
 Knowing the six customer groups to track and what to learn from each
 Slicing and dicing purchase data to pinpoint and monitor customer defection
 Estimating customer lifetime value for current customers and prospects
 Developing working formulas for estimating second lifetime value of lost customers
 Crafting your win-back decision map - your direction finder for recovering lost customers and saving at-risk customers

Other Big Three management skills

3. Winning Back a Lost Customer

 Creating win-back processes and protocols
 Recognizing the different ways customers say goodbye
 Determining whether a customer is worthy of win back
 Segmenting lost customers by reason for defection
 Uncovering a customer’s real reason(s) for leaving
 Creating a win-back communication plan that reinstates customer trust
 Learning how real companies tackle customer win back and measure win back success

Other winning back lost customers skills

4. Saving a Customer on the Brink of Defection

 Using a three-step CPR to save at-risk customers (off and on line)
 Understanding the emotion of trust and its influence on saving a defecting customer
 Mastering techniques for rapid trust reinstatement’
 Tapping sources of information about impending customer defection

Other customer saving skills

5. Mobilizing and Managing a Win Back Team

 Setting up and managing a permanent win-back team
 Mobilizing and managing a temporary win-back team
 Mastering people, place and process issues

Other mobilizing skills

6. Making your Company Defection Proof

 Operating on the assumption that no customer is ever truly safe from defection
 Shifting customer needs and values and how to operate in this reality
 Using the Kano Model to deliver value that brings customers back
 Researching what matters most to customers
 Practicing wondrous entanglement to make customers stick

Other defection proofing skills

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