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What Makes Customers Loyal?
Kevin Eikenberry interviews Jill.

Stu Taylor Interview

Stu Taylor is the nationally syndicated business radio talk show host of Equity Strategies.

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In this interview, Jill Griffin, author of Taming The Search and Switch Customer: Earning Loyalty in a Compulsion-to-Compare World speaks with Todd of 800-CEO-READ. Jill describes customer loyalty as being made up of a combination of attitude and behavior. She also has some interesting things to say about the intersection of perception makers and perception takers in the online world.

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Loyalty Marketing Meets Social Marketing, from The Engaged Consumer

Episode 1
This officially kicks off a series of podcasts with author and loyalty marketing expert, Jill Griffin. During these brief 5-8 minute episodes, we’ll be talking about the intersection of loyalty and social marketing and how focusing on both disciplines can help large and small companies deepen their relationships with new and existing customers.

In this episode, Jill answers the specific question, “How and why the Internet has unleashed intense buying scrutiny unlike anything most firms have ever experienced. And more importantly, is there anything the world of “social” can do to help?”

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