About Willie

Willie is the owner of his own small company, Willie Widgets Inc. (WWI). In operating his ten-year-old business, Willie has come to appreciate that loyal customers are the key to his company’s success and therefore the means by which he supports his family. Willie’s family includes:

Wilma: Willie’s wife and company bookkeeper

Willbur: Willie’s son who is in grade school

Willanoma: Willie’s daughter who is in college

Worley: the Whippet, Willie’s dog

Willie is dedicated to earning customer loyalty and like any business person, he’s facing increasing competition (both offline and online) everyday. But, at heart, Willie’s a fighter and he doesn’t give up easily. So buckle your seat belt and follow Willie’s every-man (and woman!) adventures in Loyalty Land and in the Win-back Frontier. We promise you’ll laugh and learn along the way.

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